Singaporean Food Journey #PART2 – Salted Egg Fried Fish?!

One of the perks of having friends staying in the place you’re traveling to is that they know all about the wonderful (and cheap) places to eat at. And occasionally, the places they bring me to really blows my mind. This is hands down the best thing I have had in Singapore so far — Salted Egg Fried Fish (they have chicken option too).

saltedeggfishFor 5 SGD, you get a proportionally sized meal of hot rice and salted egg fried fish. The fish is perfectly fried (as in it is crunchy on the outside and soft on the inside), and lathered with scrumptious salted egg sauce. I am usually not a big fan of salted egg, as I find them too salty and weird in texture, but this one is rather divine, I must say — It was rich in extra Southeast Asian spices that I love, and yet it tastes soft and not too strong. You can find this dish in Sim Lim Square (Google Maps here). It’s definitely worth the try and I will absolutely make my second trip here… really soon.


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