Singaporean Food Journey #PART3 – Roti Prata House

Today, my journey took me to the Roti Prata House in the Upper Thompson Road (Maps here). When I stepped foot in front of the shop, I saw the bright yellow sign glowing with a headline that says: The best crispy prata. The shop itself was typical of a Southeast Asian food shop: open to the streets infront, and cooled by electrical fan on the ceiling – perfect for a night out if you’re looking for a cheap, delicious meal. prata house

Opening hours: Fri-Sat: 24 hours, Sun-Thu: 7 a.m. – 2 a.m.

Phone number: +65 64595260

Amount spent: 7.10 SGD (split for 2)

Review: 3.5/5

The service alone already reminded me of my trip to India last December; the waiters glowered with straight faces and no hint of joy as I ordered. But I didn’t mind, as long as I get what they promised: the best crispy prata.

prata cheese egg onion  prata kaya bomb 1

curry sauce prataThe pratas were good. I expected them to taste different than what I usually get in India, but they are in factreally different. I ordered one savory and sweet prata each, and I could taste the combination of Indian and heavy Southeast Asian influence in both of them. Cheese Egg Onion Prata (2.70 SGD) was served with a bowl of curry sauce, which tasted soft and not overpowering, unlike its Indian counterpart. The prata itself was good after a few bites, but tasted like a weird pizza after a while. It was overall enjoyable, but I would like it more if they put less cheese in it.

Bomb Kaya Prata (4.00 SGD), as the name suggests, was the bomb. Although it was rather oily, I personally enjoyed this very much. It was served hot, crispy, and sweet as it was lathered with perfect amount of kaya sauce.

maggi goreng I also ordered a plate of Maggi Goreng (3.50 SGD). For you who are not familiar with maggi, it is a type of instant noodle that you can find across Asia, which include India, Malaysia and Singapore. Topped with chopped green chillies, cucumber and a dash of ketchup, maggi goreng is rather sweet, salty and quite delicious. However, it was nowhere near the level of Indomie (yes, I am completely biased), and I would recommend you to spend on the roti pratas rather than this noodle.


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