Bakwan Jagung – Crispy Corn Fritters

Who says that vegetarians can’t eat well? I have never been the type that holds back on food, and I’m not planning to ever do so, even after I turned meatless last year.

This is one of many classic Indonesian dishes, and one of my favorites besides curry and terong balado (chilli eggplant). Enjoyed everywhere across the country, bakwan jagung has a lot of varieties in texture and consistency because of different batter ratios. I like my bakwan jagung not too crispy, as I like the middle part to still be chewy.


10 tbsp of plain flour

15 tbsp of milk (or 12 tbsp of water)

1 egg

1 cob of fresh corn (depends on the size of cob)

2 shallots, shredded

Red chilis (optional)

spring onion, shredded (or parsley)

salt, pepper and sugar to taste

cooking oil, enough to fry

I had a hard time dealing with oil splattering to my skin. At one point, I had to wear gloves and stood like, 1 meter away from my pan it was ridiculous. I just realized that this happens because the batter is simply too liquidy – add more flour to thicken your batter and your problem is solved!


Steps to make bakwan jagung:

  1. Make the batter by mixing flour and milk until there is no lump.
  2. Put in your egg, corn, shallots, spring onion, condiments and mix again. Note that I always estimate my ratios, so you can also adjust the numbers on your preferences.
  3. Before dumping all your batter into the oil (JK don’t ever do this), you should test your batter if it’s right in texture and if the flavor is up to your standards. How to do this? Easy, simply heat up your oil and dump a tablespoon of batter in. Let it cook until it’s golden brown, and put aside. Taste, adjust, fry, repeat until you find the perfect bakwan. If you’re confident that your mix is right, you can fry multiple bakwans in your pan.

And the result? Amazingly crispy bakwan jagung. Serve with kitchen towel below them to absorb remaining oil. Serve with ketchup, chilli sauce or fresh bird chilis on the side.


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