Spinach and Corn Soup

The third of my comfort food recipes is the spinach and corn soup (check out the first and second). My family used to make this so many times when I was a kid, and shockingly I used to hate spinach and I almost always refused to eat it. But as time goes by, the dish grew on me and now I would make this whenever I’m thinking of home. Not only delicious, this recipe is so easy, you can make this in under than 15 minutes.


Spinach, cleaned with fibers removed (or use frozen)

1 cob of corn, removed from its cob (or use canned)

Oyster mushrooms

3 shallots, sliced

1 garlic, sliced

2 cups of water, boiled

Salt, sugar and pepper to taste

Start with making the broth by putting the corn, shallots and garlic into your boiling water and let it cook for about 10 minutes. While it’s cooking, you may notice yellow foam from the corn floating around – you can remove that. You will want to make the broth as clear and refreshing as possible (we’re not even using any oil!) Season the broth while waiting with salt, pepper and sugar.

Blanched fresh spinach

If you’re making a big batch, it might be a bit tricky to put the spinach in the broth and to cook it (I had had problems with overcooking it), so you may blanch it first to make life easier. Just have a boiling water ready, and dip your spinach for about 10 to 20 seconds (until it wilts and become light green in color) and quickly move it into a bowl filled with icy cold water to stop the spinach from cooking. If you’re using frozen spinach, then this is not an issue for you.

After the broth is ready, put your spinach in and the soup is ready! Perfect to be served with rice (always) or bread (or even noodles – I haven’t tried it but this idea seems delicious!).


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