Spanish Omelette (Tortilla de Patatas)

Eggs are hands down my favorite ingredient to use. It’s delicious, versatile and very nutritious (although eggs make it really difficult for me to go vegan). I actually made this dish by accident – I used to stir fry potatoes with onion, and when my Puerto Rican friend saw me cooking, he was like, “Oh! You’re making spanish omelette?” … No, but that’s a great idea! Here is my take on the delicious spanish omelette:


2 medium sized potatoes, sliced around 0.5 centimeter

2 medium sized onions, sliced around 0.5 centimeter

4 chicken eggs

Salt, sugar and pepper to taste

Olive oil (or vegetable oil)

IMG_20160629_160121What you need to make this dish is a non-stick pan or any kind of pan that doesn’t turn your omelette into a burnt nasty scrambled egg (been there done that). Start with stir-frying the potatoes and onions together in a frying pan with some olive oil. The goal here is to caramelize the potatoes and onions – and as usual I like to put salt and sugar while doing this. Leave them sizzling on the pan for 5 to 10 minutes, flip and mix them occasionally until soft and golden brown (pictured).

Beat the eggs in a bowl and throw in your potatoes and IMG_20160629_141840onions inside, mix well. This won’t
cook your eggs – the goal here is to let all the flavor from the potatoes and the onions to mix with the eggs. Cover the bowl and leave it for 10 minutes, and the eggs will look much browner from the stir fry. Taste the egg and adjust the seasoning, and you’re ready to cook the egg!



Using the pan from stir-frying and just dump the egg in. Cover, and wait until the bottom sets and able to move around the pan when you shake it. Take a plate that is bigger than the pan, cover the pan and flip it. Now you have a half-done omelette. Next, put everything back into the pan, with the raw side on the bottom. Do the same thing as before and wait until it’s fully cooked. And you will end up with a beautiful omelette, with layers of caramelized potato inside. Yum!



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