Salt and Pepper Tofu

If you’ve been following my blog you know I use tofu a lot – that’s because I LOVE it. Besides eggs, tofu is my favorite ingredient to cook with and to eat because it’s delicious, healthy and extremely versatile. Many people complain that tofu is bland and mushy – but that wouldn’t be a problem if you cook it properly! I came up with this recipe by accident one day (it was meant to be something else but I was tired and confused but the end result was miraculously delicious).tahu cabe garem 2


A block of white firm tofu, cut into small blocks

1 egg and flour for frying tofu

2 cloves of garlic, finely chopped

1 small green bell pepper

Salt and pepper (obviously)

Bird’s eye chili – as much as you want!

Cooking oil

Steps to making salt and pepper tofu:

  1. Lightly fry your tofu to make it firm and dry (preventing it to crumble when we cook it later). Batter is optional, it does make the tofu extra crispy but it’s an extra work – if you do want to use batter, then drip your tofu in a bowl of beaten egg and then to some plain flour before frying it.
  2. Once golden brown and crispy, put it aside on a layer of kitchen towel to drain the excess oil.
  3. In a new pan, put a drizzle of oil and some finely chopped garlic and fry until it’s golden.
  4. Put in bell pepper and thinly sliced chili in the pan, stir-fry until they’re fragrant.
  5. Add your tofu and stir around. Add in a generous amount of salt and pepper and it’s ready to serve!

tahu cabe garem


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