Carrot Halwa

I love Indian cuisine – I always find my tongue dancing from all the spices in the dishes. This recipe came from my trip to India back in 2014. I was an animal rescue intern in Jaipur  for six weeks, and that was the moment I truly tasted the real Indian cuisine. I totally fell in love with this simple dessert – it’s sweet, sticky and buttery, and it was the perfect companion in the cold winter.


The ingredients you need to make carrot halwa:

3 to 4 big carrots, peeled and grated.

30g butter

500ml milk

5 tbsp of sugar, adjustable on your preference

Powdered cinnamon and nutmeg for extra fragrance

  1. Start with sautéing your grated carrots with half of your butter. Stir occasionally until the carrot wilts (to remove its raw taste and smell).
  2. Put in milk and sugar.
  3. Cook in medium heat until the milk evaporates. It will take a while and you need to stir ocasionally, and more often when the mixture starts to thicken to prevent burning.
  4. Add in some cinnamon and nutmeg depending on your preferences.
  5. When it’s gooey and thick, take it off the heat and serve hot. Delicious! 🙂



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